Our Services

Find your solution, what you need for your business or startup

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are custom made to fit your business, meaning that each and every one of our services can grow with you as your company grows.

IT Consulting

Our consultants are experts in all things IT and can use insights into your business to help you achieve your information technology goals.

IT Backup Solutions

Your data is safeguarded by an expertly set-up and managed backup system, keeping your business ready to respond to digital emergencies within minutes.

IT Support

We help people squeeze the most out of their current hardware and software through IT consultancy that helps not just fix issues as they happen, but prevent them from occurring entirely.

IT Procurement

With our procurement service we make it easy to find the best price amongst the sea of IT vendors and offer a range of support during procurement.


With a society that becomes more and more connected to the internet everyday it is no surprise that cyber security is becoming more important than ever.

Small Business

At Arcsec IT we understand how hard it can be to run a small business and how little time you may have for setting up and managing your IT solutions.

Hosted Server

We help our clients all across Sydney with customized dedicated server solutions that are built to fit their requirements.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud solutions is one of the new technologies we specialise in implementing into businesses.

Managed Cloud Back-up

We utilise AES 256 encryption to protect your sensitive data and offer 60 day retention when you subscribe to a monthly business continuity plan in place.

Cloud PBX Phones

With Cloud PBX phones infrastructure contained in secure data centres, off-site maintenance costs for traditional servers are reduced while security is vastly improved.

Business Continuity Planning

Our planners take the time to analyse your business operations and create optimal strategies and management plans tailored specifically for you.